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Goleta Beach County Park Project

    In October 2011, the County Community Services Department submitted applications to the County Planning and Development Department (P&D) for a Development Plan and Coastal Development Permit for a project aimed at protecting the park from erosion and storm damage. The project is intended to restore a deep beach and reduce the risk of damage to existing park facilities and utilities without the need for pile groins, rock revetments, or other significant beach stabilization structures. Alternative approaches to managing the Park have been included in the EIR.

    Permit Application Numbers: 11DVP-00000-00016 & 11CDP-00000-00069

    Project Details

    • Remove approximately 43,100 square feet (0.98 acres) of existing asphalt parking (Lots #6 and #7, approximately 107 parking spaces) at the west end of the park. This area would be restored to beach for recreational uses and to act as a buffer zone to protect facilities relocated landward.

    • Establish a 40-foot wide transportation and utility corridor with a “high erosion protection zone” by constructing a compacted earthen berm along the westernmost 500 linear feet of the corridor.

    • Relocate at-risk utilities out of the “coastal processes zone” and into the new corridor, including the County of Santa Barbara 4-inch sanitary sewer force main, the County of Santa Barbara 3-inch domestic water line, the County of Santa Barbara 1-inch telephone conduit, the Goleta Water District 18-inch reclaimed water line, and the Sempra Energy/Southern California Gas Company 8-inch high-pressure gas line.

    • Relocate an approximately 1,870 linear foot section of the existing bike path into the new corridor and increase the safety of the bike path by increasing the width and raising the elevation relative to the existing parking lots.

    • Remove all of the existing rock revetment at the western end of the park, including approximately 950 linear feet with expired Coastal Commission permits and approximately 250 linear feet which are unpermitted.

    • Install a protective geo-textile dune and buried cobble structure along approximately 250 linear feet west of the Beachside Restaurant to protect the Goleta Sanitary District’s existing underground sewer ocean outfall pipe and vault.

    • Evaluate relocating the public restroom located in the western portion of the park (Restroom #3) approximately 250 feet north out of the “coastal processes zone.”

    Project Status

      In response to a second determination by the CCC staff of an incomplete application on October 27, 2014, the County has resubmitted the CDP application with the requested additional information. Download the resubmitted application and project plans.

      In response to a determination by the CCC staff of an incomplete application on May 28, 2014, the County has resubmitted the CDP application with the requested additional information.  Download the resubmitted application and attachments (here).

      The Coastal Development Permit application package was submitted to the California Coastal Commission on April 29, 2014. Download the application and appendices.

      At the March 18, 2014 hearing, the Board of Supervisors voted 5.0 to direct staff to submit a Coastal Development Permit application to the California Coastal Commission to request the permanent retention of the 1,200 feet of unpermitted rock revetment in place. (Meeting Details)

      Goleta Beach - Existing Conditions Base Map

      For a short informational video on the history and purpose of the Goleta Beach project, please click on the following link:  http://youtu.be/6Z0FYjh4a50


      March 18, 2014 - Board of Supervisors Hearing (Details)

      Aug 1, 2013 - DEIR Comment Period Ends (extended until August 30)

      July 23, 2013 - Public Hearing

      June 12, 2013 - Public Workshop (Presentation)

      June 3, 2013 - Draft EIR Released (Notice)

      June 28, 2012 - EIR Scoping Meeting (Notice)



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