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Granite Gardner Ranch Mine Revision

    Revised Project Description

      Granite Construction Company currently operates an aggregate mining operation and asphalt mixing facility permitted by the County under 03CUP-00000-00024. The Applicant proposed to continue mining the existing reserves in compliance with the approved Reclamation Plan, continue processing asphaltic concrete as allowed under 03CUP-00000-00024, import additional aggregate to extend the life of the hot mix plant, continue recycling construction/demolition recyclable material, and amend the County General Plan Land Use Map to allow for the continued operation of the exiting asphalt plan.

      Proposed operational changes:
      • Utilize a portable recycle plant, rather than the stationary aggregate plan, to process the imported construction/demolition recycle material for incorporation into the hot mix asphalt or direct sale.
      • Increase import of virgin aggregate, including limestone, as a supplement for mined material for use in the hot mix asphalt plant or direct sale.
      • Decrease annual aggregate excavation and processing until the existing approved excavations are complete, then reclaim in compliance with the approved Reclamation Plan.
      • Add asphalt shingle import and processing for use in the hot mix asphalt plan.
      • Amend the County General Plan Land Use Map to allow the continued operation of the existing asphalt plant.
      • Rezone 35 acres from AG-II-100 to General Industry (M-2).
      • Extend facility life for an additional 50 years.
      • Facility operations to continue post expiration of mining.
      • Amendment of the Santa Barbara County Comprehensive Plan to amend the language of the Mineral Resource Industry Overlay.

      Permit Application Number: 03CUP-00000-00024


      A Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been prepared and is available for public review. Public comments regarding the completeness and adequacy of the Draft EIR are due by August 21, 2015 at 5 p.m. An environmental hearing to answer questions and help foster public comments will be held on Friday August 14, 2015 at 3 p.m. at the City of Buellton's Planning Department Office located at 331-B Park Street in Buellton.

      See the Draft EIR and Notice of Availability for additional information, or call the project planner Paul Dan at (805) 568-3573.





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