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Applications & Forms

         Agreement For Payment of Processing Fees (PDF | DOC)
         Agricultural Activities Supplement Form (PDF | DOC)
         Agricultural Preserve Committee Agenda Request (PDF | DOC)
         Agricultural Preserve Contract - Cancellation (PDF | DOC)
         Agricultural Preserve Contract - Contract Assumption (PDF | DOC)
         Agricultural Preserve Contract - New or Replacement (PDF | DOC)
         Agricultural Preserve Contract - Non Renewal (PDF | DOC)
         Appeal (PDF | DOC)
         Authorization of Agent (PDF | DOC)
         Board of Architectural Review - Signs (PDF | DOC)
         Board of Architectural Review - Structure Countywide (PDF | DOC)
         Board of Architectural Review - Structure Montecito (PDF | DOC)
         Building & Safety General Application (PDF | DOC)
         Building Division Owner's Acknowledgment (PDF | DOC)
         Cannabis Supplemental Application (PDF | DOC)
         Certificate of Compliance - Conditional (PDF | DOC)
         Coastal Development Permit - Hearing Required (PDF | DOC)
         Comprehensive/Community Plan Amendment (PDF | DOC)
         Conditional Use Permit (PDF | DOC)
         Conditional Use Permit - Minor (PDF | DOC)
         Conditional Use Permit - Minor - Renewal (PDF | DOC)
         Development Plan - New/Revised (PDF | DOC)
         Emergency Permit (PDF | DOC)
         Energy and Minerals Division Agreement to Pay Form (PDF | DOC)
         ePV Permit Application Package (PDF | DOC)
         ESH RC-Goleta Overlay Submittal Requirements (PDF | DOC)
         Family Day Care Large (PDF | DOC)
         Farm Employee Proof of Employment Examples (PDF | DOC)
         Farmland Security Zone Contract (PDF | DOC)
         FAX / Email Permit Agreement (PDF | DOC)
         FAX Application - Minor Building Permit (PDF | DOC)
         Film Permit Application Package (PDF | DOC)
         General Guidelines for the Agricultural Preserve (PDF | DOC)
         Government Code Consistency Determination (PDF | DOC)
         Greenhouse Supplemental Questions (PDF | DOC)
         Hardship Determination Application (PDF | DOC)
         Hazardous Waste Materials Supplement Form (PDF | DOC)
         Highway 101 Corridor Overlay Submittal Requirements (PDF | DOC)
         Home Energy Checklist (PDF | DOC)
         Home Occupation Supplement Form (PDF | DOC)
         Homestay Supplemental Application (PDF | DOC)
         Indemnification Agreement (PDF | DOC)
         Landscape Plan Review (PDF | DOC)
         Lot Line Adjustment (PDF | DOC)
         LUP CDP BDP ZCI GRD Permit (PDF | DOC)
         Map Clearance - Final/Parcel (PDF | DOC)
         Mission Canyon Plan Area Supplement Process for Water Service Commitment (PDF | DOC)
         Modification (PDF | DOC)
         Modification of Conditions (PDF | DOC)
         Montecito Growth Management Ordinance - Allocation (PDF | DOC)
         Montecito Growth Management Ordinance - Hardship Exemption (PDF | DOC)
         Oil & Gas Exploration Plan (PDF | DOC)
         Oil & Gas Production Plan (PDF | DOC)
         Oil and Gas Supplement (PDF | DOC)
         Overall Sign Plan (PDF | DOC)
         Permit Compliance Application (PDF | DOC)
         Planner Consultation (PDF | DOC)
         Planning Commission Similar Use Determination (PDF | DOC)
         PreApplication Conference (PDF | DOC)
         Reasonable Accommodation Request (PDF | DOC)
         Recheck Drop-off Submittal Checklist (PDF | DOC)
         Reclamation Plan & CUP (PDF | DOC)
         Reclamation Plan for Ag Soil Export Mining & Minor CUP (PDF | DOC)
         Recorded Map Modification (PDF | DOC)
         Rezone (PDF | DOC)
         Road Naming (PDF | DOC)
         Septic System (PDF | DOC)
         Site Plan/ Topographic Map Requirements (PDF | DOC)
         SpecialEvent (PDF | DOC)
         Specific Plan (PDF | DOC)
         Substantial Conformity Determination (PDF | DOC)
         Telecommunication Existing Facility (PDF | DOC)
         Telecommunication New Facility (PDF | DOC)
         Tentative Parcel Map (PDF | DOC)
         Tentative Tract Map (PDF | DOC)
         Time Extension (PDF | DOC)
         Trailer/Mobile Home/Second Unit Supplement (PDF | DOC)
         Variance (PDF | DOC)
         WELO Supplement Landscape Documentation (PDF | DOC)
         Winery Supplemental Information Form (PDF | DOC)
         Zoning/Building & Safety complaint Form (PDF | DOC)

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